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We offer a wide catalog of approved continuing education courses developed by experienced educators looking to help current and future teacher.s Our courses provide educators with a fully online learning experience that will help prepare you to overcome any challenges in your classroom and grow your skills and an educator. These courses cover topics relevant to today’s educators from safety and bullying to the newest classroom technology. Our catalog offers courses for educators of all grade levels as well as offering courses for unique student populations including gifted and special education learners.

Our catalog features courses in:

  • Classroom Management
  • Safe Classroom environment
  • Flipped learning
  • Classroom Technology
  • STEM
  • and more!

Professional Medical Coder

As the lifeblood of the Healthcare industry, medical coding has become one of the most sought-after occupations in any industry.  Professional Coders are responsible for having a good understanding of anatomy & physiology, the disease process, and clinical procedures in order to apply accurate identifying codes that are submitted for reimbursement of services. 

Professional Coders can be found in multiple healthcare settings, including private practices, ambulatory facilities, and hospitals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for medical coders will increase 22 percent through the year 2022. The 2016 median income for a medical coder was between $29,360  and $51,850, this varies depending on location and experience level. 

What Medical Coders Do? 

  •  Review patients' records for timeliness, completeness, accuracy, and appropriateness of data.
  •  Organize and maintain data for clinical databases and registries 
  •  Track patient outcomes for quality assessment 
  •  Use classification software to assign clinical codes for reimbursement and data analysis
  • Electronically record data for collection, storage, analysis, and retrieval 

Clinical Medical Assistant Associate

Have you thought about working with other professionals providing health care to patients? Are you a good team player? As a Clinical Medical Assistant you will work closely with patients and physicians; take vital signs, interview patients, record patient information, and provide point-of-care testing. Clinical Medical Assistants are projected to be among the fastest growing occupations in the next 5 years. This course will also provide you with the latest HIPAA regulations, the Electronic Health Record, and how to care for special populations. 

This program includes a core Clinical Medical Assistant curriculum with an additional elective chosen by the student in one of our specialization tracks.  The specialization course will dive deeper into the unique aspects of the field when working in specialized environments.   

Employment opportunities learners may be prepared to obtain include: Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Records and Health Information Technician, and Medical Transcriptionists.  Course graduates may seek employment at locations such as state, local, and/or private hospitals, private practice physician offices, nursing care facilities, and outpatient care centers. 

Upon completing this program students will learn to: 

  • Define the daily procedures performed by the physician and medical assistant
  • Identify the proper guidelines of obtaining vital signs and patient information
  • State the methods of the administration of medication and intravenous therapy
  • Define the various guidelines for performing phlebotomy and microbiology charges
  • Identify the standard guidelines for OSHA, sterilization, and disinfection


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