• Seeing your clients reach their educational goals is our top priority 

AOWE is an approved workforce training provider!

We believe that education is the key to unlocking your client’s potential for career success.  Academy of World Education is committed to providing Workforce Counselors and their clients exceptional service and high impact educational resources.  

In practice this means:

  • Meeting your clients where they are and guiding them to their career destinations
  • Offering accessible, flexible, world-class online training courses 
  • Ensuring that all applicable benefits and support opportunities are explored for your clients
  • Addressing any limitations and concerns about “going back to school.”  Building confidence.
  • Reducing administrative heavy lifting and paperwork
  • Improving efficiency as an asset to your office

State appro
Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington 

Our caring and compassionate advisors have years of experience working with workforce counselors.  Send a referral today, our team is standing by!