• Clinical Medical Assistant

Course Outline

Module 1: Healthcare Fundamentals

Module 2: Communication in Healthcare

Module 3: Medical Documentation and Record Keeping: HIPAA

Module 4: OSHA Infection Control Compliance

Module 5: Medical Terminology

Module 6: Anatomy & Physiology

Module 7: Administrative Responsibilities

Module 8: Billing and Reimbursement

Module 9: Basic Clinical Procedures

Module 10: Advanced Clinical Procedures

Module 11: Cardiovascular System

Module 12: EKG Supplies and Equipment

Module 13: EKG Procedure

Module 14: EKG Testing

Module 15: Venipuncture Equipment and Safety

Module 16: Venipuncture

Module 17: Capillary Puncture

Module 18: Specimen Handling

+ Bonus Elective!  Choose from the following to earn a career specialization

•  Alternative Medicine

•  Geriatrics

•  Oncology

•  Neurology

•  Gastroenterology and Nutrition

•  Endocrinology


•  Pediatrics

Upon successful completion of our Clinical Medical Assistant course, students will be prepared for an entry-level position as a Clinical Medical Assistant in a health care center or doctor’s office and will be prepared to sit for the NHA national certification exam to become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA).  The certification exam voucher is included at no additional expense.  

Qualifying students will have the opportunity to participate in the Employer Connection program.  Employer Connection provides students with hands-on career development opportunities with a company in the healthcare industry. 

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